Today the USA, China, and Europe divvy the world up and own about one third of it each.
In 30 years, things will change and Europe will decline and be weaker.
Demographic growth – the main cause of economic development – will highly increase only in Africa, but there, economic growth will be irrelevant.
Therefore, world development will be stuck, as it will grow little.
This century is going to drastically change the world.
Not only economic development will be blocked, but we are going to live the new Cold War between the USA and China, the migration tensions, a greater poverty and inequality, a technological revolution, an endless urbanization, a changing work, people getting older, a crazy climate and a broken middle class.
The hegemonic strategy of China – which will start to abandon Africa – will try to take pieces away from Europe in the name of the Eurasia dream, while the USA will try to create troubles to Europe with their isolationism.
Europe’s decline is sealed, and this will be the core of the world crisis.
Therefore, here is an idea against all trends: a process to create an agreement to make Europe come into play again, by saving Africa.
European people are wealthy, old, and anaemic, while African people are poor, young, numerous and rich in raw materials.
We could create Eurafrica, a way out not to assist, but to create a real African market to limit migration flows and give a future to Europe which will be able to have the same chances as the other world’s leaders.
A political intuition having all data to support it.

All royalty rates will go to
Alice for Children
in Kenya.

Diego Masi, Communication entrepreneur, former member of Italian Parliament and Vice Minister for Internal Affairs in charge of Immigration.
For the last 14 years he has been living between Nairobi and Milan and he has been chairing Alice for Children by Twins International, an NGO founded with his wife Daria to help Nairobi’s vulnerable children living in Kenyan slums. He also founded Agricola Pro Bono, a charity dealing with the delivering of food to Milan’s soup kitchens.
He wrote Go Green; Expo 2015-the challenge; From predators to entrepreneurs, a book about modern CSR and Exploding Africa in 2018.

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